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Helping makers
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For makers.
By makers.

Our award-winning brand portfolio includes dozens of top-selling apps on the Atlassian marketplace by trusted names like Bob Swift, Feed Three, and Wittified. Apps that alleviate common challenges faced by makers.

Makers like us.

A history of helping makers

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Sitting on the floor in an empty office, our founders decide to start a company to help makers like us. Appfire is born.


All in on Atlassian

Appfire officially joins the early Atlassian ecosystem, helping enterprise teams deploy Atlassian tools.


A big splash at Summit

Appfire sponsors the first Atlassian Summit in a big way, unveiling our first commercial product.


Going global

Appfire opens our first state-of-the-art technology center in Hyderabad, India.

2009 - 2014

Path to product

Appfire tests multiple product ideas with our growing community of enterprise service customers.


Acquiring a legend

An Atlassian legend propels our product vision forward as we acquire industry icon Bob Swift.


Making the pledge

Appfire becomes one of the first socially-minded brands to invest in Pledge 1% — a movement to give back.


A wizardly aquisition

Our product portfolio nearly doubles overnight after acquiring the wizards at Wittified.


A million thanks

Our growing Appfire family of apps passes an incredible milestone: over 1,000,000 downloads.


On top of the world

Appfire and our Bob Swift brand are recognized by Atlassian with their Top App Sales award.
A true honor.


Our expertise. Your hands.

Appfire launches “The A List,” transforming our Atlassian services into an all-access subscription product.


Introducing Feed Three

A new socially-conscious app brand that helps our customers build clarity along with compassion.


Acquiring more firepower

Appfire accelerates our cloud roadmap by acquiring Atlassian ecosystem experts Steven Kling and Michael Kuhl.

An app for
every maker

It's a big Atlassian world out there. And we're all in. Our goal is an Appfire app helping makers in every Atlassian deployment by 2030.

That’s the dream.

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Our core values


Be human value icon

In a world filled with amazing technology, it’s our humanity that sets us apart. “Being human” propels us forward with empathy, sincerity, and integrity. It's our bedrock. The guiding principle for everything we do.

Make it &
make it matter

Make it & make it matter value icon

We are makers. We focus all of our attention on the frustrations and ambitions of our fellow makers. And ensuring that we make a difference for the people we're trying to help. To us, it's the only thing that matters.

the way

Light the way value icon

Leading means helping. We’re always ready to light the way forward to new solutions with empathy, generosity, and hard work. That’s why we value thought leadership, mentorship, building lasting relationships, and simply helping our fellow humans.

Get it right
> being right

Get it right > being right value icon

We’re passionate about getting the job done, and done right. Not by our definition. By yours. Whether we’re working with our customers or investing in our community, we cultivate humility and a sense of empathy for those we're trying to help. That's why we stay curious, test everything, always iterate, and never stop questioning our assumptions.

Thrive on change, and grow as a family

Thrive on change, and grow as a family value icon

In the Appfire family, we combat complacency with curiosity, camaraderie, and continuous growth. We invest in our teams and embrace lifelong learning. We don't just adapt to change, we thrive on it. Because we know it makes us better. The market changes. The world changes. So will we.

Add to the

Add to the awesome value icon

One awesome human at a time — that's how we grow together. We build the awesome in ourselves and celebrate the awesome in each other. And we're looking for other amazing people who inspire us. We know we're fortunate to do what we love for people who love what we do. And we share that joy with each other.

the flame

build the flame value icon

Throughout our history, we've been driven by a shared passion to help amazing teams do incredible things. And over time we've defined what that means together. There is no instruction manual. Every member of our family helps to write our story. Appfire is ours to create.

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